Rider Sonny's Inc.


PA suited for the venue and at least capable of producing 100dB at the front of house mixer. PA brands: Claire Bros., EAW, Meyer, Adamson, Synco, D&B (only line array’s)

Front Of House

1x Yamaha M7CL 48 channels1x Multi cable 56 channels long enough for the venue1x Stage block with 48 inputs en 8 outputs1x 220V line for mixer1x 2x 31 bands EQ , Klark technik, BSS, Apex1x CD Player1x Reverb lexicon pcm or tc electronics m2000 or similar.


1x Yamaha M7CL 48 channels, with one person capable of doing monitor mixing 2x Monitor Wedges I.E. Claire bros, D&B, JBL with a capable power amp minimum 500 Watts on one group. 5x In Ear monitor sets Sennheiser IEM 300G2 if the band plays in full option we need 8 in ear systems.


Mininum of 12 KW of backlight (3x 4bar) 8x moving head 4x 2KW lamp with barndoors (no par) at each frontside of the stage 1x light desk with a person capable of doing lights.


Preferably the stage has to be 8m(W) x 5m (D) x 0,6m (H). Free equal clearance above the stage of minimum 4 meters. If one of these preferences is not possible please contact the office to find a solution.

Input list Sonny’s Inc.

1. Kick Shure B52 small microphone stand
2. Snare Shure sm57 small microphone stand
3. Snare bottom Shure sm57 small microphone stand
4. Snare 2 Shure Beta 56 small microphone stand
5. Hihat Neumann km184 microphone stand
6. Rack tom 1 Sennheiser E609
7. Rack tom 2 Sennheiser E609
8. Floor tom 3 Sennheiser E609
9. Overhead L AKG 414
10. Overhead R  AKG 414
11. Bass active DI
12. Guitar left   XLR
13. Guitar right XLR
14. Keyboard 1 L active DI
15. Keyboard 1 R active DI
16. Keyboard 2 L active DI
17. Keyboard 2 R active DI
18. Saxophone Shure B57 microphone stand
19. Trumpet Shure B57 microphone stand
20. Conga’s Shure sm57 microphone stand
21. Bongo’s Shure sm57 microphone stand
22. Timbales Shure sm57 microphone stand
23. Overhead Neumann km 184 microphone stand
24. Vocal Drums Shure WH20 headset
25. Vocal Sax. Shure sm58 microphone stand
26. vocal Trumpet Shure sm58 microphone stand
27. Vocal Lead Shure beta 58 wireless, on roundbase stand (no boom)
28. Backing Vocal Shure beta 58 wireless, microphone stand (no boom)
29. Backing Vocal Shure beta 58 wireless, microphone stand (no boom)
30. Vocal Percusson Shure WH20 headset
31. Talkback Shure sm58 (placed by foh mixer)
32. Reverb l
33. Reverb r
34. CD left
35. CD right


Een avond met Sonny’s Inc. is er werkelijk één om nooit te vergeten.

Wij spelen met heel veel plezier op bedrijfsevenementen, bruiloften, studentenfeesten, openbare podia en andere partijen. Of het nu voor 50 of 5000 mensen is, wij zien het als een uitdaging van elk feest een onvergetelijke happening te maken.

Vul ons aanvraagformulier in om een geheel vrijblijvende offerte te ontvangen.